* Securities remain in borrowers title and account
* Major licensed U.S. SIPC-member banking/brokerage institution only
* Up to 85% loan-to-value for most securities; Up to 95% LTV possible
* Low interest rates – monthly LIBOR+4 (currently about 4.35%)
* No liens on any other asset to fund loan
* Quick funding – three days from signed loan documents standard
* Credit has no impact loan offer (but borrower must demonstrate ability to service debt)
* Loan default not reported to credit bureaus
* Self employed buyers ok
* Limited-recourse loan available for many stocks
* Borrower can receive stock dividends during the loan term – REITs OK
* Borrower retains stock – shares remain in their account and title at all times
* Access to account online and through monthly statements
* No prepayment penalties whatsoever; payoff any time
* Turns real estate investors into all-cash buyers for best rates, etc.
There have been other stock and securities loan programs available in the past that have required the borrower to transfer their shares, title, and all ownership rights over to the lender. Some of these programs had the right to sell a portion of the shares to help fund the loan.

Not so with this loan program from HedgeLender. This is the first and only program currently available to offer regulated, licensed institutional security, no penalty for payoff any time, a line of credit feature, a stock-swap feature, and a limited recourse options all at once. This is truly the next generation of securities-backed loans, and we are pleased to be able to help you get started today.

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